Awake But Dreaming

awake but dreaming


Recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee, this traditional country/swing influenced project comes highly recommend by greats such as Loretta Lynn and George Jones. She has chosen some of the best musicians in the business to accompany her, such as:

Lloyd Green- Steel Guitar
Pete Wade- Electric Lead Guitar
Andy Reiss- Rhythm Guitar, Twin Electric Guitar
Pig Robbins- Piano
Gene Chrisman- Drums
Dennis Crouch- Upright Bass
Bobby Flores- Harmony Fiddles, Strings, Background Vocals
Grace, Sophia & Hulda Quebe- Guest Fiddles
Joey McKenzie- Guest Rhythm Guitar
Jason Carter –Duet Vocals and Fiddle on "Look What You've Done"

Laura's love for traditional country music reaches all the way back to her childhood, growing up in Oregon. She began the fiddle at the age of nine and by the age of twelve she fell in love with Old Time Fiddling in addition to many genres of roots music. You will hear influences in her style from such greats as Bob Wills, Loretta Lynn, Molly O'Day, George Jones, Roy Acuff, Nat King Cole , Benny Martin, Hank Snow, and Ray Price. Laura has dedicated much of her life to preserving and promoting these timeless sounds and hopes to assist in the restoration of traditional country music back to where it should be; on our radios and in our homes.

"Laurie not only loves Country Music, but she knows Country Music, and the proof is in this record."

Loretta Lynn

"I recommend this album to anyone who still wants to hear the good traditional Country Music as sung the way that it should be."

George Jones


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Listen to the interview that Laura did for Bill Miller on Johnny Cash

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Laura wins Charlie Bush Award

Winning the Charlie Bush Award is special to me on many levels. On a personal note because I had known Charlie since I was 14 years old. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the Grand Masters Fiddle Contest. He persistently encouraged me in my fiddling since those early years. On a musical level, the award honors the fiddler claiming, "Outstanding Traditional Fiddler Performance". I have an unyielding love for traditional music of all kinds. As old time fiddle music continues to evolve, I continue to study the roots from where it came. It is a thrill for me to find new 'old' music to learn from. And historically, being the recipient of the "First Annual Charlie Bush Award", which is determined by his own family, is an honor, which I feel is beyond words.

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Music Review

Awake But Dreaming

At the age of just 9 years old, Laura Cash's (then known as Laura Weber), father made a deal with a local violinmaker to restore his old fiddle in exchange for building a two-story deck on the man's house and that was the beginning of Laura's foray into music. Throughout the years that followed Laura went on to win fiddle championships, appear on the Grand Ole Opry stage alongside legends like Roy Acuff and Ray Price, and has played on tour with June Carter Cash as part of her band where she met her husband John Carter Cash, the son of Johnny and June. Laura herself has released two albums of her material with her latest being Awake But Dreaming. On the album Laura introduces you to her outstanding fiddle playing while surrounding it with a roots based sound and vocal performance. Songs like the title track allow her to focus the attention on her amazing fiddle playing while a track like "A Song For Roy" stands out amongst the pack as her tribute to country music great Roy Acuff. With the market the way that it is today there isn't a lot of room for traditional fiddle based music, however it is a refreshing change from the current mainstream flash especially when it is played as well as Laura Cash plays on this album. If you are anything like me and miss some of the tradition that made country music great then this is an album worth checking out and adding to your collection as it encompasses the roots of country music and brings them to the forefront.



Music Reviews - Skivrecensioner Magazine

3 hats (5 hats is the best you can get!)

This third (or actually fourth) edition of the Carter Family consists of John Carter Cash (son of Johnny Cash and June Carter), his wife Laura and Dale Jett, son of Janette Carter (grandchild to A.P. and Sara Carter from the original Carter Family). So they're very anchored within this influential country family. The style here in very similiar to the original Carter Family's down home music, but a bit more "modern" to just be called old time-music. It's sometimes a bit more influenced from both bluegrass and folk. The music is a bit more fuller than the original - since there's more instruments here like more acoustic guitars, dobro, bass, fiddle, autoharp and even some percussion.
All of the members of the trio sings, and they do some Carter such as "Sea of Galilee" and "I Never Will Marry". But the majority of the 13 songs included here are newly written with a couple from John Carter and Dale Jett. The CD starts off with a touch song named "Maybelle's Guitar" which talks about how the family continue to preserve this music even though Nashville no longer cares about it. It's also nice to hear the next generation of the Carter/Cash-family when John and Laura's child, Anna Maybelle, is featured on the lovely song "AnnaBelle's Song (Forever 'Cross the Sky)". My other favourites here are the classic Carter Family-track "Bury Me Beneath the Willow", "Rye Cove" (with Norman & Nancy Blake), "I Never Will Marry" and "In Between".

Carter Family III shows us the old music's style, but don't only look backward for their music, but also towards today's music. Just as the title says "Past & Present". If you like this type of music I can also recommend Dale Jett's other project, Hello Stranger which is very good. The group is being revewied in another place in this magazine. More info about both of these groups can be found on


3.5 hats (5 hats is the best you can get!)

Laura is married to John Carter Cash and is thus daughter-in-law to Johnny Cash. Laura has produced her first CD herself and I think that she has done a very good job. This CD is lightyears away from the pop trash that many of today's female singers are doing in country music. Among the musicians you find for example Lloyd Green, Pete Wade, "Pig" Robbins, Gene Chrisman, Bobby Flores, Dennis Crouch, Andy Reiss and Laura herself on fiddle. Laura has managed to get both Loretta Lynn and George Jones to recommend her record, and I can agree with them even though not every track is in my liking. But I will mention the ones that I do like. "The Image of Me" is a shuffle song from Harlan Howard wrote. Hank Snow had some success with "Wasted Love", a little calmer shuffle. Leslie York has written "Tomorrow I'll Cry" which is a really great song. Another marvelous song is Betty Sue Perry's "Before I'm Over You" that was recorded by Loretta Lynn back in 1964. Laura does a duet with Jason Carter in "Look What You've Done", another excellent track. Laura gets a big plus for dusting of Vern Stovall's old "Who'll Be The First", an old favourite of mine. The tribute to Roy Acuff "Song For Roy (Country Music's King)" is written by Laura herself and is a fitting tribute. The CD is concluded with a sacred song "Matthew Twnety-Four" and it's a good ending to a good CD. I hope that Laura will be releasing a new CD soon, but in the mean time I'll play this one very frequent.


Music Review - SAS

Awake But Dreaming - Laura Cash

Laura Cash could be playing off her husband's parents' fame (they were Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, after all). And she does, to some extent. How could she not? But she is a masterful fiddle player in her own right, and has been winning awards for her playing since age 17. In fact, she met her husband while touring with June. Would anyone else have been accepted into the Carter-Cash family?

On Awake But Dreaming, Cash belts out songs from across the country music world. She covers tunes by Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and many others. This album gives Laura Cash a chance to share her love for traditional country music. While her voice isn't what's going to make her famous, it is a nice, down-home kind of voice that fits well with the twanging music and her expressive fiddling.


Laura Cash interview with Johnny Cash Fanzine

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Grand Master Fiddler Championship

2009 Grand Master Fiddler Championship Winners - Laura cash


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Laura Cash had the good fortune to become the wife of John Carter Cash and daughter-in-law of the late Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. But her career as a singer and fiddler began at the opposite side of the country in her native Corvallis, Ore., long before she ever dreamed of being a part of one of Nashville's legendary families... READ MORE